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Project 01


ng for th●e least sound.Nessim removed his shoes● and tip-toed to the bay-window in▓ an attempt to see into the room next door.His ●assailant, it seemed to him, was an● elderly man, gaunt and sharp-featured▓, with the sunk reddish eyes of a bear.He was▓ unable to confirm this.Then▓, wa

  • s to strain every nerve ▓to recognize
  • them, but it was not easy.The ph●enomenal world had begun to p
  • lay ●tricks on him so that


Project 02


king early on the very morning upon ▓which the invitations for the● great shoot must be issued he saw with horro●r from the bedroom window two s▓uspicious-looking men in Arab dress tying a rop▓e to a sort of windlass on the ro●of.They pointed to him and spoke togethe▓r in low tones.Then

  • his senses were beginning● to accuse
  • reality itself of ●inconsistency.He was in peril of a mental▓
  • overthrow.Once his waistcoat


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Project 03

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they be●gan to lower something heavy, wrapped ●in a fur coat, into the open st▓reet below.His hands trembled as h▓e filled in the large white squares o●f pasteboard with that flowing script, selectin▓g his names from the huge typewritten list whi▓ch Selim had left on his desk●.Neverth

  • s●tarted ticking as it hung on t▓he
  • back of a chair, as if inhabite●d by a colony of foreign heart
  • beats.But ▓when investigate

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Project 04

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eless he smiled as well when he recalle●d how large a space was devoted in● the local press each year to this memorabl▓e event — the great shoot on Mareotis.W●ith so much to occupy him he felt that nothi●ng should be left to chance and though the solic▓itous Selim hovered near, he purse

  • d it stopped an●d refused to continue
  • for the benefit of ●Selim whom he had called into the room.The
  • ● same day he saw his initi

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Project 05

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d his ▓lips and insisted on attending to ▓all the invitations himself.My own, char▓ged with every presage of disaster, stared● at me now from the mantelpiece.I gazed at i●t, my attention scattered by ni▓cotine and wine, recognizing that here, i●n some indefinable way, was the s▓olution

  • als in go●ld upon a cloud reflected i
  • n a shop-window in ●the Rue St Saba.Everything seemed proved ●
  • by this.That same week a str

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Project 06

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towards which we all h●ad moved.(‘Where science le●aves off nerves begin.’ Moeurs.) ‘Of cou●rse you will refuse.You will not go’ Justin●e spoke so sharply that I understood ●that her gaze followed mine.●She stood over me in the misty● early morning light, and between sentences co▓

  • anger was seated i▓n the corner alway
  • s reserved▓ for Balthazar in the Café Al Akta▓r sipping an ar
  • ak — the arak he had intend

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cked an ear towards the heavily▓-breathing wraith of Hamid behind the do●or.‘You are not to tempt providence▓.Will you Answer me.’ And as if to m●ake persuasion certain she slipp●ed off her skirt and shoes an●d fell softly into bed beside me — warm hai▓r and mouth, and the treacherous nervous ●movements of a body which folded ●against one as if hurt, as if tender▓ from unheale

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d wounds.It seemed to me then● — and the compulsion had nothing of bravado ▓in it — it seemed to me then that I could ▓no longer deprive Nessim of the satisfaction h▓e sought of me, or indeed the situation of its ●issue.There was, too, underneath it all a ▓vein of relief which made me ▓fell almost gay until

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I saw the grave sad ex●pression of my companion-in-arms.Sh▓e lay, staring out of those wonderful●ly expressive dark eyes, as i●f from a high window in her own m●emory.She was looking, I knew, into t●he eyes of Melissa — into the trou▓bled candid eyes of one who, with eve●ry day of increasing danger, moved ne●arer and nearer to us.After all, ●the one most to be wounded by the issue Nes▓sim might be c

  • istorted resemblance to himself as● he turned in the mirror, unfolding his lips fr●om whit
  • e teeth in a smile.He did not wai▓t but hurried to the door.As he wal▓ked the length of the Rue Fuad he f▓elt the entire pavement turn to spong▓
  • e beneath his feet; he was foundering waist-dee●p in it before the illusion vanished.At two●-thirty that
  • afternoon he rose from a feveris▓h sleep, dressed and set off to▓ confirm an overpowering intuition that both ?/li>
  • 圥astroudi and the Café Dordali were empty.▓ They were, and the fact filled him with ▓triumphant relief; but it was short
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  • for on returning to his room he felt all of a▓ sudden as if his heart
  • were being e●xpelled from his body b
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ontemplating was Melis▓sa — who else I thought back alo●ng the iron chain of kisses which ●Justine had forged, steadily back into memory, ▓hand over fist, like a mariner going down▓ an anchor-chain into the darkest d●epths of some great stagnant harbour, memory.Fr▓om among many sorts of failure▓ each selects the one which leas●t compromises his self-respe▓ct: which lets him down t

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, p.He had▓ come to hate elit. Donec ac ante arcu, quis auctor sapien. Morbi magna leo, dapibus a pulvinar et, pharetra scelerisque felis. Mauris massa magna, gravida vitae convallis sagittis, sagittis ac ipsum. Integer arcu justo, vehicula vel accumsan ac, venenatis in massa. Curabitur in dui in urna interdum ullamcorper. Pellentesque ut imperdiet libero.” John Doe, and fear

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he l▓ightest.Mine had been in ar●t, in religion, and in people.▓In art I had failed (it suddenly occurred ▓to me at this moment) because I did not bel●ieve in the discrete human personality.(‘A▓re people’ writes Pursewarden ‘con▓tinuously themselves, or simply over and over▓ again so fast that they give the ill●usion of continuous features ●— the temporal flicker of old si▓len

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t film’) I lacked a belief in th▓e true authenticity of people in order to ●successfully portray them.In religi●on Well, I found no religion worth ▓while which contained the faintest grain ●of propitiation — and which can escape the ▓charge Pace Balthazar it seemed to me tha▓t all churches, all sects, were at the best mere▓ academies of self-instruction● against fear.But the last,

  • this room of his.▓ He would stand for a long
  • time listening unt●il the noise came again — t▓he slither of wires being uncoiled●
  • upon the floor and the noise of some small● animal, its shrieks
  • being stifled, a●s it was bundled into a bag.Then disti▓nctly the noise of suitca
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